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CxC Router - DIGI

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Through our partnership with DIGI, Convergia offers the CxC Router DIGI; a secure enterprise-ready device, that offers gigabit Ethernet with cellular primary or failover connectivity

Together with Convergia's CxC SIM, the CxC Router solution provides a cost effective primary or failover connection to improve your Business Data Connectivity, capable of 5GE LTE and LTE advance Pro Cat 18 to match your bandwidth needs and future-proof your network

With a wireless connection, your business can seamlessly and immediately switch from a disrupted wired connection to an always-on, high-speed, low-cost standby connection. This is optimal for distributed connections

Avoid network outages with primary or backup LTE connectivity; integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure protecting your connectivity 24/7

Primary/Backup Connectivity

The CxC Router with CxC SIM Connectivity can be used as a primary data connection or as backup network solution to streamline business continuity

The Cloud managed CxC Router offers secure remote configuration, management, usage monitoring and alerts

Choose the CxC SIM cellular connection speed that best meets your business requirements, and we will install and test the SIM Card, ready for plug in connectivity

Cloud Managed Cellular Router

Installed CxC SIM Card

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Zero-Touch Provisioning and Centralized Management

Configured with CAT6, CAT11 or CAT18 CORE LTE plug-in modem

Remote Cloud Management with usage monitoring and alerts

Auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet WAN and LAN ports

Serial port for remote device management

Power of Ethernet (PoE)

Battery pack for optimal signal strength site survey

Enterprise ready, integrate into your existing network

Optional dual SIM configuration

PCI/HIPPA Compliant

Custom data plans from 1MB to 100’s of GB per month (4G, 5G)

High Speed plans up to 100Mbps (4G, 5G)


Connectivity Benefits

Predictable monthly charges

Connectivity up and running for your router when wireline options aren’t available

Additional bandwidth you need to run your most important business applications

Diverse, flexible, and manageable business network connection using cellular

Cellular Network prioritization in the event of cellular congestion

Efficiently and effectively connect coverage qualified sites

Fast, highly reliable connections for business-critical applications

Global Coverage - Access to multiple operators in your countries, with the best price, and the best coverage


Secure and Private Network - Protect your connected products with our access point name (APN) or virtual private network (VPN)


Convergia does the month-to-month invoicing and collections for our Channel Partners/Agents


24/7/365 Support by people for people, talk to a person that speaks your language


Convergia provides SIM management, enablement, suspension, and termination


Flexible and Transparent Contracts - Full disclosure, with a financial team available to work out any solution to your project needs


Convergia has a long-established commercial & technical escalation with all the connectivity providers



Convergia does the time-consuming connectivity conformance management with providers

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