Convergia International Data

The best solution for companies looking to deploy Pan-American data without any hassle.

Sell what you know, Internet and Data to a huge untapped market;

Latin America.

The ONLY PROVIDER with true local support throughout Pan-America

Solution Features

Nowadays your Internet service is vital. Convergia will make sure that you get real redundancy, for

continuous connectivity.

For even more reliability and better performance,ask us about pairing your Internet service with our

SD-WAN solution and Wireless Backup.You will get all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

  • Capacity and Coverage

From 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps or more, from Canada to Argentina, Convergia gives you access to the best available services in each country.

  • For all your needs:

Whatever you require, dedicated fiber, broadband, wireless, etc., we got you covered.

  • Cost Effective

The best price/quality ratio. Find out why so many Corporations entrust their connectivity outside the US to Convergia.

  • Turn-Key Solution

All you need; including routers and firewalls.

Solution Benefits

Personalized Account Management


Local Currency; recover sales taxes

Local Billing

Over 700 Best-of-Breed International Providers

Unified SLA

Single Point-of-Contact Troubleshooting

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