CxC Secure SD-WAN

Secure SDWAN as a Service with Fortinet

Application Resiliency

Accelerated Convergence

Efficient Operations

CxC Secure SD-WAN

Pervasive Self-Healing WAN

Key Features

Solve your network performance and security in a single device. Manage both from a single screen and take advantage of Fortinet’s industry leading performance and security while your users stay busy and productive

  • Secure Cloud Access and Perfomance

Multi-path intelligence ensures critical application traffic gets prioritized and continues performing at its best, even if the network becomes congested. Forward error correction technology analyzes incoming streams for gaps and delivers smooth video conferencing and voice-over-IP (VOIP) calls

  • Built in SD-WAN

Our portfolio includes comprehensive, advance security capabilities for networks, content, users, devices, access, and applications. CxC Secure SD-WAN services deliver near-real-time protection by constantly analyzing real-word threat data from over 5.6 million sensors deployed globally

  • CxC Secure SD-WAN Security Services

With the help of automation and next-generation processors of their own, combined with sophisticated penetration tools available as-a-service, attackers can easily scan for vulnerabilities and launch millions of malware variants in a matter of minutes – notably ransomware.

Attackers use technology to create sophisticated attacks that overwhelm and easily bypass basic security. Fortinet’s integrated and automated approach to threat detection and response protects your business against disruptions and threats like ransomware and other advanced attacks.

  • Automated Security
  • Automated Protection

Efficient Operations with Centralized Management

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Integrated Market Leading Security Capabilities

Web Security

Optimized to monitor and protect data and applications against web-based attack tactics while assisting you with meeting compliance

Optimized to monitor and protect against file-based attack tactics, while assisting you with meeting compliance

Content Security

Optimized to monitor and protect against device and vulnerability – based attack tactics while assisting you with meeting compliance

Device Security

From our threat researchers to yours. Continuously evaluate and advances your security posture and set your team for success

Advanced Tool

CxC Secure SD-WAN Leading Use-cases

Businesses and Industries Need Cybersecurity

Together with Fortinet, Convergia's CxC Secure SD-WAN with AI-driven security operations and secure remote work provides the most comprehensive solutions to help industries accelerate security, maximize productivity, preserve user experience, and lower total cost of ownership

K-12 School Districts

Higher Education

Federal Government

State and Local Government



Financial Services



Power and Utilities

Media and Entertainment


SCADA Control Systems

Oil and Gas



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