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Convergia Webinar:
Designing the new leadership in Covid times

This webinar was hosted by Sarah Soule, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Convergia Webinar: Reducing your Telecom Cost while Increasing productivity

Dante Passalacqua, VP of Technology

In this webinar, you can learn about how reducing your Telecom Cost

Convergia Webinar:
CxC Smart Asset Trackers

Eric Leduc, Director of IOT, N.A.

In this webinar, you will learn what can Convergia do in terms of asset tracking, hosted by Eric Leduc.

Convergia Webinar:
Cloud Professional Services

Guillermo Arbelaez, Cloud Business Manager

In this live webinar we are going to learn about Cloud Professional Services, hosted by our Cloud Business Manager, Guillermo Arbelaez

Convergia Webinar:
SD-WAN – Your best network tool in a time of crisis

Dante Passalacqua, VP of Technology

In this live webinar we are going to learn how SD-WAN can help address the main network challenges during this time of uncertainty hosted by VP of Technology, Dante Passalacqua.

SD-WAN solutions

Dante Passalacqua, VP of Technology

Dante Passalacqua, VP of Technology, explains us about the benefits of implementing SD-WAN in your enterprise and why Convergia is the best provider of this solution.


Carlos Mendoza, CEO Perú

Do you know what the Wifi solution is managed with analytics?  Carlos Mendoza, Ceo at Convergia Peru, explains how it works and in which industries we can make use of this solution, like shopping centers, hospitals, schools, among others.

CxC Router Wireless Backup

David Eduardo Ancona, Senior Operations Manager of Convergia

David Eduardo Ancona, Senior Operations Manager of Convergia, explains about the importance and benefits of implementing our CxC Router – Wireless Backup solution in your company. In Convergia, we take care of giving each client full access to this solution to control the use, configurations, detection, and services, through an uninterrupted and high-speed connection.

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