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CCV Teams

Enables a team of people inside and outside your organization to participate in agile and inclusive conversations, share and co-author documents securely, and rapidly interact on projects from your mobile phone, tablets and desktop computers. Now with Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams you can get your own personal phone number for collaboration in real time from wherever users are.

Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams will provide each user with a phone number and enable all PSTN call control tasks, such as placing and receiving calls, transferring calls, and muting and unmuting calls. Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams users can click a name in their address book, and place a call to that person. To place and receive calls, Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams users can use their mobile devices, a headset with a laptop or PC, or one of many IP phones that work with Microsoft Teams.


The Calling Plan is managed through your Office 365 subscription, which simplifies telephony needs throughout your organization.
Now you can add Calling Plan to your Office 365 subscription. The Calling Plan brings the benefits of the cloud to your telephone system by moving your telephony needs to Office 365.
Elevate your services
Since the Calling Plan is part of Office 365, you get services, security and support that traditional telephone lines cannot match.
Connect your company
Unify your communication services in Office 365 with the Calling Plan, and integrate calls with your business process to increase productivity.


Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams Calling Plan
With Calling Plan, you get an easy way to give your employees full calling capabilities in Teams. Great for customers who want the simplest possible voice management for their users.

Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams Phone System
Phone System enables call control and PBX capabilities in Office 365, effectively replacing your on-premises telephony hardware. Pair it with Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams Calling Plan and your users will get full calling capabilities in Office 365.

Convergia Cloud Voice Teams Devices
Certified devices deliver reliable and high-quality voice and video to ensure you are seen and heard. Choose the right Teams devices for optimized calling experience.

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Unified Communications

Companies that deploy Unified Communications, experience a 72% increase in business.

Improve Productivity

91% of IT executives see improved collaboration after UC is implemented.

Minimize Risk

Keep out unsanctioned apps that weaken security and increase IT costs.

Speed Up Responsiveness

88% of buyers reported significantly faster problem resolution.

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