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We optimize our solution for the cloud UC to have the best of the best quality. Also, CCV 3CX UC helps to reduce cost, reduce your business risk continuity, real time communication and mobility.

Furthermore, CCV 3CX UC enables a reliable cloud environment that will keep your UC telecommunication running all the time.

Make your first call in two minutes after connecting your phone because receive the IP-phone directly to your location & just plug and play. You can install the app with a QR code for PC, MAC, android and iOS. 



Calls are never missed! You may use your own devices; you can move a call from one device to another; youcan get the same features they enjoy on all devices including voice, chat and video.

Cloud Base

Always the latest versions; disaster recovery built in; simplifies multi-sites setup. OpEx not CaEpx cost model, transparent cost, no maintenance, rapid deployment

Auto Attendant

Automatically direct callers to the right person to handle their enquiry;
improving the customer experience and helping to retain customers.

All the PBX features

Easy to replicate existing on-premise features or if new, configure the service to improve business productivity and customer experience

Managed UC Solution

No headache because the system is self-managed, so reduced
cost of maintenance; quicker to implement changes; doesn’t need a technical expert

Voicemail from anywhere

Voicemail from any device which means quicker response to
the caller

Voice Portal

Access your “OFFICE ANYWHERE” to work from any place worldwide like you are in youroffice.

Convergia your only UC supplier

Less time spent managing organizations; transparent costs; one contact in the event of failure

Continuity of service

You will have peace of mind knowing that your telecommunications service is running all the time and the business is moving forward without think in solve no core business issues.

Easy to scale

It is very simple go from 10 extension to 10,000 extension, Cloud-base solution will do your lifeeasy in any kind of size organization.


  • Be in direct contact with your customer using the web conferencing 
  • Execute live webinar to hundreds of users 
  • Be in contact with your organization all the time with the presence and chat feature
  • Use real time communication to have quicker responseto your customers and colleagues
  • Be reachableanywhere to your customers when they need you, don’t miss any opportunity.
  • Be the first client that use new communication features with the automatic cloud upgrade. Don’t be behind of your competitors
  • You can be quicker and smarter than our competitorswith PBX systems
  • Flexible working location, you can work from your smartphone in case required.



Unified Communications

Companies that deploy Unified Communications, experience a 72% increase in business.

Improve Productivity

91% of IT executives see improved collaboration after UC is implemented.

Minimize Risk

Keep out unsanctioned apps that weaken security and increase IT costs.

Speed Up Responsiveness

88% of buyers reported significantly faster problem resolution.

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