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Convergia Wifi

Nowadays Wi-Fi is way more complex that just installing Access Points. With Managed Wi-Fi Convergia will manage the all the infrastructure deployed, including everything from coverage design, Access Point installation, configuration, security, support and monitoring. Additionally, Traffic Shaping Policies are applied to optimize traffic at the application level.

The service has a centralized management for monitoring and control the entire wireless network, its Dashboard is friendly and easy to use it to apply traffic and security policies by layer 7 application, user and devices. 



Management from a single control panel in the cloud, easy use for management and provides a wide visibility of what is happening on the network.

Capacity and Coverage

They offer better superior performance in higher density environments and in interference conditions, providing quality access in more demanding environments.


The devices have a dedicated radio to guarantee their security, they continually scan the environment for threats.


Each company is different and also their needs, for this purpose we have a wide range of options depending on the demands and conditions of the environment


The Wi-Fi solution provides information of the devices connected via the dashboard  and through use of  API, which allows analyzing the behavior of users


Nowadays, more users needs wireless connection, for that it is necessary to have a WiFi solution with AP that provides greater benefits that allow the user to experience a good quality in their network services when they are connected to the WiFI, also many companies work with non-staff members to the company and they need to provide them with agile access to the network in a secure way without having to have access through the physical means (network cable) and facilitating the online reports to analyze the traffic and behavior of the user.

Another important relevant point is the use of captive portal and integration with other marketing systems to collect information from connected users in a way that allows me to know the behavior and preferences of users that allow us to take actions to improve infrastructure, loyalty actions and direct marketing campaigns to get more customers.




One single bill

Forget about paying different bills and get all your payments in a single one

International presence

Don’t worry where you are we have Panamerican presence and will go where you are

High quality

Worry no more about  the quality of the service and get used to receive an ounstanding one.

Right price

No extra or hideen fees everythin clear and right since the beggining.

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