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1. Convergia offers “Shock-Free” Data plans. You will receive text messages as you approach your monthly data limit (at 50% usage and again at 80% and 100% usage).

2. If you need more data every month, you can ask us to change your plan or, if you need more data for the current month, you can ask us to authorize data overage charges or re-start/ change your plan.

3. Convergia will not make plan changes without your permission.

4. Once you have used up your data allotment for the month Convergia will stop all mobile data flow to and from your device.

5. Monthly data allowance you do not use in current month does not roll over for use in the next month.

6. Convergia operates over Telus Mobility in Canada through the same high-speed LTE wireless network.

7. Coverage is the best in Canada and is consistently rated as the most reliable coast-to-coast network in Canada,

8. Speed and signal may vary with your configuration, internet traffic, environmental conditions, applicable network management and other factors.

9. For a description of TELUS’ network management practices, please see

10. All roaming is deactivated however you may request roaming in the US to be activated which would be charged at $5/MB, billed in increments of 1 KB/session (1 GB =1,024 MB; 1MB = 1,024 KB).

11. International roaming is not available..

12. The SIM may not be remove from or used separately from the supplied router.

13. SMS, MMS & Voice are not available.

14. This is a 2-year term (24 month) plan.

15. Taxes, long distance, additional airtime, roaming and pay-per-use charges are extra.

16. Subject to approved credit with a 24-month Convergia Networks agreement (0% APR) on any in-market plan with data and voice included

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