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CxC Smart Enviroment

The Smart Environment sensors  allows to monitor temperature and humidity, as well as measuring levels of CO and CO2. This kit can be used to control air pollution from cars and toxic gases generated in factories and farms (CO). These same gases can be monitored to ensure workers and goods safety inside chemical plants, and to reduce the presence of ozone in the drying meat process in food factories.

A relevant application for this kit could be forest fire detection, just by controlling combustion gases and preemptive fire conditions in order to define alert zones.

The data is sent to the Internet by the GW using Ethernet and 4G radios.


Smart Water

Optimized control, management, and distribution. Cost reduction.

Energy Smart Lighting

Consumption and energy efficiency. Expense reduction. Renewable energy.

Enviroment Smart Agriculture

Monitoring of noise, pollution, the natural environment, and sustainable eco-buildings.

Smart Waste

Container control and sensorization, identification and management of wastebaskets and fleet monitoring that collects.


  • 11 models and more than 150 sensor probes available (gas monitoring, water quality, Smart Cities, Smart Parking, etc.)
  • Radio Technologies: 802.15.4, 868, 900, WiFi, 4G, Sigfox and LoRaWAN.
  • Industrial protocols: RS-485, 4-20 mA, Modbus, CAN Bus.
  • GPSr receiver
    Rugged IP65 waterproof housing.
  • Solar energy with external panel options.
  • Open-source SDK and API.
  • Programming by air (OTAP).
  • Special brackets and ready to install on posts and building facades.
  • Intuitive and graphical programming interface: Cloud Service Programming.
  • External SIM socket for 4G models.
  • Minimum maintenance costs: add or replace a sensor probe in seconds.
  • Fully certified for the main markets:
    -CE (Europe)
    -FCC (USA)
    -IC (Canada)
    -ANATEL (Brazil)
    -RCM (Australia)
    -PTCRB (USA)
    -AT&T (USA)
  • Benefits of IoT Smart Environment sensors
  • Ability to transmit low consumption data.
  • High coverage and communication analysis.
  • Detailed analysis of environmental data.
  • Cloud connection and real-time information extraction.
  • General reduction of the carbon footprint.
  • Reduce operational costs.



Global Coverage

Access to multiple operators in your countries, best price, best coverage.

Flexible and Transparent Contracts

Access to multiple operators in your countries, best price, best coverage.

Agile Connectivity CxC SIM Cards

No need to swap SIM cards to get access to new operators and networks.

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Protect your connected products with our access point name (APN) or virtual private network (VPN).

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