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CxC Router

Avoid network outages with primary or backup LTE connectivity; integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure protecting your connectivity 24/7.

With a wireless connection, your business can seamlessly and immediately switch from a disrupted wired connection to an always-on, high-speed, low-cost standby connection This is optimal for distributed connections.

Without a secure connection, loss of productivity and an increase in unexpected, unnecessary costs add up quickly. Whether paying workers who no longer have tasks to complete, damaging your reputation, or missing the opportunity to complete sales transactions, you can’t afford to operate without a reliable connection.


Secure Multi-Network

Our Smart CxC SIM will select the best secure and quality network with the ability to switch to another network for better connection quality.

Secure Best Rates, Local billing

We negotiate with the operator so you do not have to and offer billing in your local currency.

Secure Custom Coverage

We have coverage everywhere you need it, as you want it.


Failover involves switching to a redundant or standby internet connection that is activated if the primary connection fails or is disrupted.

• Suspend, Active, Terminate
SMS (Sending SMS from platform), Troubleshoot

• High availability, Reliable and Secure

• No Hardware Purchase, low month fee:
– Enterprise CxC Router
– Pan-American CXC SIM HD

API for Managed Service Integration

• Convergia SD-WAN compatible for:

– Low latency network failover
– Traffic Shaping and QoS

• Dual SIM for Operator redundancy
• Remote Cloud Management
• Network Control and Monitoring
• PCI/HIPPA Compliant
• Zero Touch Connectivity
• 4G LTE High Data SIM with Multi-Operator



Global Coverage

Access to multiple operators in your countries, best price, best coverage.

Flexible and Transparent Contracts

Access to multiple operators in your countries, best price, best coverage.

Agile Connectivity CxC SIM Cards

No need to swap SIM cards to get access to new operators and networks.

Secure and Private Network

Protect your connected products with our access point name (APN) or virtual private network (VPN).

24/7/365 Support

Support by people for people, talk to a person that speaks your language.

Build us Into Your Products

Connectivity by Convergia API accelerates CxC SIM life cycle integration.

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