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Convergia Azure Express Route

Convergia Azure Express Route will extend your network to Microsoft Azure data centers through a private connection provided and managed by Convergia.

Establish direct connection to Microsoft cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 without using the public Internet, offering faster speed, lower latency, high reliability, stronger security and lower data cost.

Convergia provides a connection through which Azure ExpressRoute establishes a layer 3 connectivity between client’s network and Microsoft Azure cloud.

As shown, ExpressRoute circuits have multiple routing domains associated with them: Azure private peering and Microsoft peering.

With Private Peering, the client’s data center computers can connect directly to virtual machines deployed on Azure, never using the Internet. Thus allowing, for instance, the distribution of databases and applications in different computer centers and distant geographical areas.


High Availability

Azure ExpressRoute circuits are guaranteed to be available for use for a minimum of 99.9% of the time. If the circuit connectivity does not meet this guarantee and the cause is within Microsoft’s control and not excluded in the ExpressRoute service level agreement the client could be eligible for a service credit.

Network Privacy

The ExpressRoute circuit allows a private and secure connection between customer on-premises infrastructure and infrastructure hosted in Microsoft Azure. The traffic never goes to the public Internet when connecting virtual machines or even connecting other Microsoft Azure public services such as Storage and SQL Database through ExpressRoute.

Reduces Costs

For heavy bandwidth applications and workloads, ExpressRoute may reduce the bandwidth costs. Unlimited inbound traffic to Azure is included with the price of the circuit. If the ExpressRoute partner falls under the network service provider billing model the customer also has unlimited outbound traffic for the same price.

Outbound traffic beyond the included amount in customer’s plan will be at significantly reduced rates compared with traditional Internet connections and regular Azure bandwidth rates.


Hybrid Applications

Applications and workloads where resources or services reside on-premises and in the cloud are strategic for many, and ExpressRoute enables those scenarios. Azure application and data services such as Cloud Services, Storage and SQL Database are compatible and available to your application developers over your private ExpressRoute circuit.

 This allows the customer to build the next generation of hybrid applications using the latest capabilities by providing private and secure access to these services over your ExpressRoute circuit.


Customers across all industries who need to connect to Azure with high levels of security,
low latency, and high speed will benefit from ExpressRoute.

Financial Industries: deploying hybrid solutions and transferring large amounts of transactional data between Azure applications and on-premise data repositories needs the security and reliability of ExpressRoute

Agroindustry: business intelligence solutions moving big data to Azure needs the speed and the security of ExpressRoute, so they can analyze the patterns that are hidden in the data and insure a better harvesting time.

Health Sector: Capturing and processing a large number of images and videos will achieve a time reduction during their upload, and their costs, thanks to ExpressRoute higher speed. Also, ExpressRoute data upload is at no cost..

Insurance Companies: Managing a large number of highly classified information will benefit from ExpressRoute’s superior level of security. Hybrid applications that have information on the cloud and on-premise can easily be build,deployed and managed.

Manufacturing Industries: deploying big data applications with video recognition to detect defective parts, or delays in the processes will benefit from the speed and processing capacity of the cloud, and the reliability, and speed, of ExpressRoute to upload the data.



One single bill

Forget about paying different bills and get all your payments in a single one.

International presence

Don’t worry where you are, we have Panamerican presence and will go where you are.

High quality

Worry no more about the quality of the service and get used to receive an outstanding one.

Right price

No extra or hidden fees, everything clear and right since the beginning.

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