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Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is a general-purpose relational database provided as a managed service. With it, you can create a highly available and high-performance data storage layer for the applications and solutions in Azure. You can use SQL Database in a variety of modern cloud applications because with it; you can process both relational data and non-relational structures (such as graphs, JSON, spatial, and XML).

The latest stable version of The Microsoft SQL Server database engine serves as the base for SQL in Azure. You can use advanced query processing features, such as high-performance in-memory technologies and intelligent query processing. The newest capabilities of SQL Server are always released first to Azure SQL Database. You get the newest capabilities without the need for patching or upgrading.


Frictionless database migration with no code changes

Accelerate your on-premises SQL Server migrations without changing the application code with Managed Instance.

Advanced data security in a single pane of glass

Protect your databases from malicious acts with fine-grained access controls, Always Encrypted technology, and advanced threat protection capabilities. Get continuous protection with deeper insights from Azure Security Center.

Machine learning that optimizes performance and security

Get peak database performance and durability with safe, reliable, and proven AI technology. Maximize the performance of your application with auto-tuning recommendations. Use Intelligent Insights to monitor and detect disruptive events that can damage performance.

Unmatched scale and high availability without sacrificing performance

Scale your application on-demand with up to 99.995 percent availability. Take advantage of Hyperscale, with support for up to 100TB, and restore massive databases in just minutes. Scale compute and storage resources independently for maximum flexibility and lower your costs with discounted readable replicas. Built-in high availability in Azure SQL Database guarantees that the database will never be the single point of failure in your software architecture.


Azure SQL Database is a fully managed relational database with built-in intelligence supporting self-driving features such as performance tuning and threat alerts.

·Elastic pools. SQL Database elastic pools are a simple, cost-effective solution for managing and scaling multiple databases that have varying and unpredictable usage demands.

·SQL Database server. A SQL Database server is a central administration point for configuring security, tuning, backup policy, and other configuration properties on a set of single or pooled databases within the server.

·Price and service tiers. Tailor the price/performance ratio to your needs with flexible service tiers that span from an affordable $5 a month to powerful 80-core databases.

·Scalability. Quickly scale up your database to improve the performance of your application.

·Platform as a service. Built-in high availability, automated backups, and geo-replication will help prevent maintenance operations, infrastructure failures, or hardware failures from stopping your business.

·Advanced security. Help secure your database with Azure AD authentication, virtual networks, firewalls, and Always Encrypted connections. Identify threats and vulnerabilities with built-in security.



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