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Organizations of all sizes are finding new opportunities to gather in a single place their employees, customers, and others to collaborate, communicate, and deliver on a team’s targets. The Teamwork opportunity show how cloud solutions can enable new and beneficial ways of doing business.

Many companies work in virtual teams with other employees, key suppliers and other third parties with whom they communicate regularly, usually by email or in person meetings. As business activity grows, the old way of doing things becomes increasingly difficult to handle and can hamper the progress of growth. At Convergia, we help our customers update legacy technology with a low-cost, high-value solution that supports email, calendar, co-authoring, file sharing and online meetings in an easy-to-use solution.

    We provide a Hub for teamwork – Chat, files, Video conference, calls to the PSTN, and meetings:

    • Each team has a site for all deliverables and supporting content
    • Collaboration allows teams to be connected and work together on the same project with notifications, each time a new change happens.
    • You work with your files and Office apps (Word, PPT, Excel, Planner, Power BI, Stream and more) within Microsoft Teams without switching through different apps
    • You can create an intranet, automate document workflows; share and work together on files with OneDrive improving agility and reducing re-work

    Collaboration enables the following scenarios in your organization:

    • Effective teamwork with modern ways to collaborate. The hub for teamwork value meets the unique needs of each team member in a highly secure way.
    • Employee engagement and empowerment. Drives employee engagement and delivers new insights with mobile and intelligent intranets and communities that empower the workforce.
    • Business transformation. Connects experiences using Microsoft Graph and artificial intelligence to realize digital transformation fully.

    With a sound collaboration solution deployed you:

    • Increase productivity. Bring together teamwork resources together all in one place to streamline collaboration and free up time to pursue additional business.
    • Reduce costs. With a fully integrated hub for teamwork included in most Office 365 subscriptions at no additional cost.
    • Work anywhere. Easily extend secure collaboration tools to remote workers, vendors, and other outside collaborators.

    Communicate through calling using Convergia Cloud Voice for Teams.

    • Have a dedicated phone number for domestic and international calls
    • Advanced features including voicemail, call parking and transfer.
    • Advanced call management including. call routing, auto attendant and reporting
    • Future support for hybrid voice using on-premises PSTN connectivity

    Convergia provide the following tools for Collaboration deployment

    • Teams.
    • Convergia Cloud Voice for Teams.
    • Office 365
    • Email – Exchange
    • Power BI



     Aggregate and report on data while conducting business reviews 

    Human Resources

    Manage recruitment, training and reviews across departments. 


    Move quickly between ideation, development and deployment. Integrate with developer tools 


    Deliver marketing campaigns and
    -to-market activities across a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders. 


    Build and deliver proposals with input from different stakeholders. Manage sales planning, training and sales readiness in the same place. 



    One single bill

    Forget about paying different bills and get all your payments in a single one

    International presence

    Don’t worry where you are, we have Panamerican presence and will go where you are

    High quality

    Worry no more about the quality of the service and get used to receive an outstanding one.

    Right price

    No extra or hidden fees, everything clear and right since the beginning.

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