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Accelerate productivity in a customized, secure, virtual environment. Connect to anywhere, from wherever you are.

Our services enables you to create and deploy high performance Cloud servers immediately that offers businesses flexibility and performance at a cost effective price.

No matter where you are or what device you are using, you can always have your data at the tip of your hands with quick and reliable access in a secure environment.

Our Solutions


Financial Institutions

Convergia Backup
 Convergia Disaster Recovery
 Office 365
 Windows Server


 Windows Server
 Convergia Backup
 Convergia Disaster Recovery

Business Centers

 Azure Express
 Windows Server
 Convergia Backup
 Convergia Disaster Recovery

Educative Institutions

 Office 365
 Convergia Disaster Recovery
 Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams
 Convergia Backup


Today, cloud technology has replaced a complex series of physical arrangements to maintain operations during disaster situations, to keep your business active during unexpected events.

Large organizations can now maintain their functionality through this type of crisis, through different Cloud solutions that we offer for small and large companies that are focused on keeping their functions active until the crises are resolved.


Flexible Scalability

With Convergia’s CloudServer, you pay as you go. You can easily scale up or down as needed.

Cost Effectiveness

Our usage-based cost platform means you can enjoy scalability, while simultaneously eliminating typical issues.

Streamlined Management

Convergia addresses your particular needs and goals, to determine the best possible options for your Desktop service.

Ultimate Performance

Convergia’s virtual servers enable you to quickly and easily connect from anywhere, without the need for specialized hardware for remote access.

No Capital Expense

The Cloud enables businesses to move from a traditional CapEx model to a manageable OpEx model, without having to buy equipment, deal with refresh cycles, or manage software updates.

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