Convergia Contact Center – Datasheet

The Convergia Contact Center is a unified omnichannel contact center solution deployed and managed from the cloud that transforms your customers’ experience and improves your business results.

You can start simply with just one channel, then add additional channels, predictive analytics routing, Workforce Optimization (WFO), outbound campaigns, web callbacks, customer engagement analytics, and a speech-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR), among other features.

●   Native cloud: Designed and built as a cloud solution for security, unlimited visibility, flexibility, and scalability.

●   Omnichannel: All your customer interactions – voice, email, and chat– in a unified environment for a seamless experience.

●   360° customer journey analytics: Tracks and analyzes the customer experience through the entire lifecycle across all channels.

●   Predictive analytics-based routing: Predicts customer need based on their stage of the customer journey and match them with the best available agent for that need.

●   Expert collaboration and communications: On-demand voice and chat collaboration with other agents, managers, and subject matter experts.

●   CRM integrations: Uses your CRM data to determine routing, in addition to screen pops.

●   WFO suite: Dynamic scheduling with agent participation, quality management, and “voice of the customer” insights through speech, text, and desktop analytics.

●   Outbound campaigns: Preview and progressive dialing and management.

Experience the benefits

Whatever the purpose of your call center, the Convergia Contact Center Platform has capabilities that will optimize operations for the business metrics that matter to you.

●   Sales: Know your best-performing agents based on performance data, and optimize operations.

●   First call resolutions: Give agents on-demand collaboration with subject matter experts anywhere.

●   Customer satisfaction: Predict customer need and connect them to the best available agent.

●   Customer retention: Predict customers who are at risk and connect them with the best retention agents.

●   Operational efficiency: Balance call loads across sites, teams, and agents, regardless of location.

●   Marketing effectiveness: Leverage rich analytics to know what is working and what is not.

●   Agent productivity: Arm agents with tools, resources, and customer histories.

●   Lower costs: Move your contact center infrastructure to the cloud to reduce TCO.

Convergia Contact Center Platform features and options

Whether you are a small business setting up your first call center, a medium-sized or multisite contact center, or anything in between, the Convergia Contact Center Platform has what you need.

Customer Journey Platform is available in two agent types that can be combined per the selected agent model.

Standard: Provides essential functionality to voice-only call centers with typical or sophisticated needs. Includes browser based agent desktop, inbound and outbound voice, call recording, touch-tone IVR, web and voice callbacks, and standard CRM connectors.

Premium: Includes all Standard features and adds omnichannel communication such as chat and email, multi-channel reporting and analytics, and supervisor monitoring and barge-in for all types of agents.

Matrix Legend


Optional or Add-On






Inbound and Outbound Voice

Intelligent skills based routing & queuing

Browser based agent desktop

Standard & customizable reporting

Touch-tone IVR

Voice callback

Web callback

Basic outbound (preview dialing)1

Call recording (one month)

Real-Time and Historical Reports Data Storage

Standard CRM connectors

Cloud Context Service

Advanced outbound (outbound option for predictive dialing)1

Multi-channel reporting and analytics

Email & Web chat media

Supervisor privileges (monitoring, barge-in & coaching of all agents)

Speech Enabled IVR

Additional Recording Storage

Campaign Management (outbound campaigns)

Quality Management

Workforce Management

WFO Analytics

WFO Analytics with Transcription


1 Requires Campaign Management software. Predictive dialing not yet available for Customer Journey Platform.

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